Client: Confidential

Building on our research undertaken for the Australian Exhibition for the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, we were engaged by a private client to propose two distinct strategies for a waterfront site on Sydney Harbour.

Here, the pool is designed as a place not just of sport and leisure, but equally one of education in nature, culture and history. We proposed that art and cultural practices would be integrated into the architectural development process in order to embed these within the daily experience of the pool. 

For us, the pool as a place with unique potential to bring people from all ages and backgrounds together. We believe the pool should be a welcoming and inclusive place – one that is open to everyone, that is designed for the enjoyment of all.

The first concept for the site proposed an ‘outdoor room’ framed by heavy sandstone block walls, as if entering a sandstone cutting. Views are carved across the site, defining an unexpected urban space and a place to take refuge from the sun.

The second concept proposed a pool at the edge of the harbour – a quintessential Sydney experience. Conceived as a series of tidal ‘rock pools’ along the edge of the public promenade, a constructed topography of varied recreational, social and exploration spaces was created.