City of Sydney William Street Creative Hub, Darlinghurst

The William Street Creative Hub fitout used economic and expedient finishes and furniture solutions to create a light, open and vibrant shared office space that is easily reconfigurable, demountable and flexible.

Off-the-shelf bookshelf units are used as screens to divide up the space into individual tenancies with a shared common meeting space and kitchenette in the centre. The shelving units provide effective visual screens at seating height, but connected and continuous open space when standing.

The top surface of each unit also acts as a display area for each tenancy to personalise, identify and ‘brand’ their own individual workspaces. Cork lining to the rear of the units provides some acoustic attenuation within the raw concrete and painted masonry space. Bright painted triangles to the walls and entry area break down the otherwise blank surfaces creating a colourful everyday working environment.

Project Team: Amelia Holliday + Isabelle Toland
in collaboration with Lochbuild
Jamie Williams